(Reviews and stories from our customers!)

Just wanted to thank you, Richard, Kim and Kelly again for such an AWESOME time last Sunday on the dog "sled" rides!  :-)  We had a super great time, and the rainy weather and 4-wheelers instead of sleds didn't bother us one bit!  We talked about how much fun it was all the way home, and how we all want to do it again!  Shelby, our daughter, is hoping to do it again soon, this might be hearing from her! 

It was so wonderful to interact with all the dogs - they are all so lovable and friendly and cuddly!  I could have spent the whole day just petting them. 

We definitely will come again - maybe next time we can have our other daughter and her husband with us too.  They would have really loved it.

Thanks again for what you do and thanks for sharing your passion for the dogs and mushing with us last weekend.

- RN and family


Completely amazing. The owners, the pups everything was fabulous!!! Lidia and Richard were so kind and even helped us with out car that decided to die!! Thank you So much for a wonderful time. Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Christy Pugh

My fiancé and I had an excellent time this New Year's Day with Lidia, Richard, and their wonderful dogs! He was able to drive a sled and I comfortably rode in a second sled. We also learned a lot about the dogs and dog sledding from Richard and Lydia. It was definitely a great adventure that we would highly recommend!
- Samantha Baard

My 10 year old daughter & I thoroughly enjoyed our gift sled-dog ride experience! We got to meet & get to know the dogs before & after the ride. Thanks to Lidia & Richard for sharing their expertise & love of riding.
- Laura Edwards

Many thanks for the WONDERFUL program you did last night for the Holderness Central School’s third grade boys! They were enthralled by your presentation and I know they enjoyed the hands-on aspect of being able to touch the equipment and your DOGS! It was very educational and inspiring – many of “us women” are now dreaming of become mushers! I’ll have to practice with my chocolate lab.
- Holderness Central School staff

My wife and I had the opportunity last evening to take a dog sled excursion with Valley Dogz in Waterville Valley, NH. It was wonderful. We arrived early to get to visit with the dogs and take a few pictures. Richard and Lydia, our sled drivers and owners, were delightful hosts, explaining the ins and outs of driving dog sleds. Almost as much fun as the sled ride was observing the enthusiasm of all of the dogs to get going as they were put in the harness. We had two sleds with six dogs per sled. We were amazed at how fast those dogs could pull the sleds. Needless to say the ride was exhilarating, as we skimmed over the snow in the twilight enjoying the views of the mountains that surround the Valley.
- Paul R.

My husband and I didn't know what to expect - as we are HUGE dog lovers - would this be ok for them?? Well - it seemed they loved it as much as we did !! We got to hang out with them before and after the sled ride and it was magical....Richard and Lidia take such good care of the dogs - and their customers! They took us on a moonlit and starry ride around Squam Lake - I was torn between looking at the dogs do their thing and the beautiful night sky.....Wow.....This is a MUST for everyone visiting the Waterville Valley area....The Siberian and Alaskan Huskies were sweethearts and just had a blast doing what they were bread to do....Sign up ahead of time to ensure an experience of a lifetime...... :)
- Andrea B.

Thank you so much for sharing your passion, knowledge, and lovely animals with my students. Your donation to our local shelter was a welcomed gift. I hope many other schools invite you to visit. Your teams created great memories and our students were very thankful you came to see us!
- CS Franklin High School NH


"Upon our return home from vacationing in New Hampshire, we wanted to let you know how excited we were to have experienced the Dog Sled Excursion, “Valley Taster”, you provided for us at Waterville Valley, on March 9, 2012. The ride was unbelievably enjoyable and exhilarating. The trail through the woods showed us how well these teams truly perform. It was a pleasure to meet our guides Lidia, Richard, Kim and Kelly. The information they gave about the personalities of the dogs and what role they play in the team was fascinating. We also loved how we were given the opportunity to pet and get to know all the dogs which made watching them perform even more interesting. We are looking forward to your start-up again in the fall when we will all definitely be signing-up for another excursion. Next time we want to do the “Moose Run” because we just can’t get enough of this ride. We will pass the word on and will post our happiness with this experience on Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful excursion."
Norma & JR – Newark, DE.
Judy & Joe – Moultonbough, NH.

"This was the greatest experience ever!! I went back two nights in a row at Waterville Valley! The dogs are so playful and fun and the staff is fantastic!! This is a must do!!!"
- H.F.

"We had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year!"
- Doug


"Over 100 kids got the chance to participate. Thanks Valley Snow Dogz and all the pups for an amazing opportunity."
- K.B.


"Thank you so much for the sled dog rides. We all had a wonderful time and I hope to do it again next season. It was a perfect outing for our homeowners. I will be in touch with you again. Thanks again."
- J.H.


"Thank you so much for being able to accommodate us on such short notice. It was AMAZING. The dogs, the sleds, the mushers, the entire experience. I have already heard from homeowners that were not able to make it now kicking themselves for missing the dogz."
- S.B.


My family had a tour last winter with Valley Snow Dogz. It was better than expected. Safe, fun and exhilarating. A great activity for the entire family. We had three generations involved and all enjoyed it.
- MF Waterville Valley NH

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