Benton's Sugar Shack - Thornton, NH

A quaint New England setting nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by wonderful vistas of the surrounding mountains.  The Sugar Shack itself is home to the best breakfast around! Enjoy the beautiful winter scenery and the dogs in favorite element.  They love snow as much as we do!  You'll get to experience how our teams work and run together, take it in turn to lead the way and sometimes its a race back to the trucks!


Experience a double mush with us us! First tour will be on a Friday evening, dedicating our Friday evening tour time to your whole experience and the second tour will be on Saturday morning.  Stay overnight at a local Inn (price does not include your stay but we can recommend places close-by), have a double mush with us and get to experience how we train our dogz. Our huskies love running at night . Illuminated by our headlamps and the stars, each team makes its' own way around our trails and at times we enjoy parking the teams side by side so we can love the dogz and chat to everyone.  It is a unique and amazing experience, especially seeing the excitement and the intelligence of our lovable huskies.  The following morning you get to do it all again in the daytime !  
Prices are based on 3 guests participating 
Minimum age for children is 11 years.
Price per person for the double mush is $250.00

For your Stay & Mush Experience, we recommend the following places to stay –
Mountain Fare Inn

Tel: 603-726-4283

Holderness/Squam Lake
Cottage Place
Tel: 603-968-7116

These fun taster tours will be on select Friday nights during the season and on some weekday nights during the vacation weeks. After a day of skiing, but before your evening meal, come take a memorable dusk to evening taster tour with us and our huskies. Meet our huskies, snuggle up in one of our sleds and experience our dogz doing what they love to do by headlight or moonlight! Allow about 40 mins for the whole experience which includes arriving, meet us and the dogz, loading the sleds and heading out for a 20 minute fun filled night ride ! $90 per person

Note For Children Passengers At Sugar Shack
· Children 7-10 yrs must ride with an adult or double up with another child
· Single riders 11 yrs and upwards
· Maximum weight per sled is 210lb 

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