We will have several scenic, breath taking  tours available, an experience that will last a lifetime or make you want to return for more memories and the enchantment of Squam Lake by dog team.With 360 degree  scenic vistas, the silence of the dogs,  mother nature all around you it really  doesn’t get much better ! These tours will be so spectacular and memorable.  A once in a lifetime experience or perhaps  something  you will want to repeat many times over! 

* This tour option is very weather/condition dependent. *

 Tours will operate during the daytime and on occasion, at twilight and by moonlight.  Custom tours for a special occasion  will be  available, please contact us at 603-340-2390 or email us at ValleySnowDogz@gmail.com for further information.

MOON & BOWMAN ISLAND TOUR - $150 per single rider, approx 30-40 mins (depends how 'fast' trail conditions are), 4.5 miles

CHURCH ISLAND TOUR - $195 per single rider, approx 45 mins -1hr (depends how 'fast' trail conditions are), 7 miles

· There will be a max weight limit of 220lb per sled.
· These tours will will have 3 teams available and on occasion we will have  more teams available.
· Our sleds are comfy and cozy, we provide a sleeping bag, blankets, hot drinks and snacks.
· Families and small groups welcomed.

Note For Children Passengers At Squam
· Children 7-10 yrs must ride with an adult
· Minimum age to ride is 7yrs
· Children 7-10 are 65% of adult price when riding with an adult
· 11 yrs and older considered single riders

THE ULTIMATE SQUAM LAKE EXPERIENCE - Combination Church Island and Bowman Island - $265 Travel on Squam Lake is unforgettable with incredible vistas and a true arctic feeling as you travel by dog team, but being a lake, travel is very weather dependent.  Every excursion requires us to pre-run our path across the lake and around the islands by snowmobile, grooming the snow which is often weather blown.  We ask our guests to remain as flexible as possible with regards start time and on some occasions we may need to run on another day than the one booked due to weather. We do our best to make all our bookings run on the day and at the time booked.

Please park in the upper right parking area of the building, our dog trucks will be parked in front of the lake to the left of the building. Contact us at 603-340-2390 or email us at ValleySnowDogz@gmail.com for further information,   scheduling and to make your reservation!


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