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The Mushers - Loving Animals & On Adventures!

Some of our favorite photos of loving and living life with dogs, horses and enjoying the great outdoors!
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Richard with newborn puppies

Bobby with Merlin & Dodge

Kim with Arthur & Lottie

Kelly & Kim hiking with two pups

Lidia with baby Wishy

Kim with Scout
(by Evelyn Lamprey)

Bruce ready to ride Bandit

Richard and TJ

Kim with Smarty

Christmas Elves! Lidia, Kim, Kelly & Vladi

Bobby with Kim & Kelly's
Aunt & Zeus

Kelly with Double

Kelly with puppies

Kim with Nori

Lidia playing with her dogs

Archers - Bobby, Kelly, Kim & Bruce

Archer Richard

Bobby loving his horse

Bruce riding Trigger

Lidia with puppies

Richard & Honey

Bobby & Kim with the dogs

Lidia with Snyder

Kin with Tonka

Kim & Kelly hiking with pups

Richard ready for a ride

Kim & Bobby at Polar Caves

Lidia & Bobby

Kelly & Kim hiking with Smarty

Kim doing agility with Snitch

Top of the world! Bobby at the Grand Canyon

Kelly, Richard & Kim at the barn

Lidia on Daisy

Kim & Kelly exploring Lost River

Kelly with Anthem & McKinley

Bobby - our stud muffin



Lidia with Rosie & Yahboo

Bobby, Kim & Kelly at the Nascar races

Kim, Lidia & Kelly in WV

Lidia wins look-a-like contest with Yahboo


The Whole Crew - Kelly, Bruce, Lidia, Kim, Bobby & Richard

Bobby & Sniper

Kelly hiking with a puppy

Kim hiking with two puppies

Kelly with leaders Snitch & Sirius

Bobby, Kim & Kelly ready to ride

Sofi & Richard

Lidia & Montana

Kelly, Bobby & Kim at a Renaissance Fair

Kim, Lidia & Kelly at a Renaissance Fair

Lidia, Bobby & Kim at a Renaissance Fair

Kim & Kelly with Sirius & Snitch

Kelly & Kim

Kelly & Lottie

Kelly & Colt

Kim & Bobby riding

Richard & Lidia - a great team!

Lidia, Kelly, Bobby & Kim on a night run

Kelly & Tonka

Kelly & Morgana taking a break

Kelly & Sirius having lunch

Kim & Kelly at the Nascar races

Kim, Kelly & Lidia trying some agility

Kelly & Kim hikin with Lottie & Arthur

Kim & Ruger

Lidia, Kelly & Kim at a school presentation

Kim & Trigger


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