100 Kids Mush & Love Dogs At Loon Mountain Resort!

Honey, a Valley Snow Dog in Waterville Valley NH Honey, a Valley Snow Dog at Loon Mountain Resort

Honey is our poster dog for utter love and cuddliness. She adores attention, especially from children.  Our kidz'event at Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, NH was so great!  Our schedule of rides was timely, the Loon Mtn resort staff were fabulous and the kidz were such a joy!  The dogz loved the kidz and the kidz loved the dogz.  The mushers of Valley Snow Dogz were just awesome and I'm so grateful to them and to everyone who helped put this event on.  We are so excited about next season already!

We've had a great season so far at Waterville Valley, the "home of Valley Snow Dogz".  We will be expanding our operation there as well as servicing other dog sledding needs at Loon Mountain Resort and adding several adventures for clients wanting a longer experience including multi-day.  The season started late, but the joy of sharing our passion and our dogz with our clients has been fantastic and the good part is, it's not over yet........ the snows coming down as I type, so we are in for a good few days of tours in Waterville Valley Resort!

Valley Snow Dogz Mushers!

Created by Kelim Siberians Valley Snow Dogz LLC