Meet & Greets
(Education And Mobile Presentations)

Mobile Education

Meet and Greet The Dogz and Mushers!

Learn a little about our life with sled dogs, how we care for them; train them;  raise happy puppies and prepare them for adventures on the trail;  train new leaders and what it takes to put all this together to create versatile and athletic teams of lovable huskies who are ready for Fall training, tours and recreational racing.  We will share information on the history of our dogs, their heritage and pedigrees, how we help our seniors transition from working in harness to life as retirees and also how we even make some of our own gear.

Valley Snow Dogz is a kennel of Traditional Alaskan Huskies. Our kennel is ‘Uktousa Traditional Alaskan Huskies.  Our helper mushers and fellow tour guides  have Siberian Huskies and their kennel is Kelim Siberian Huskies.  We have been running and training dogs together for over 20 years! Together we provide a wonderful opportunity for our guests to experience a variety of sled dogs, what makes them different than each other, but also, what makes them so similar.

“We are a family of mushers sharing our passion”.

We are typically able to travel to locations within a 20 mile radius of our kennels.
1) Educational talk, indoor slideshow.  We usually bring one of our huskies, sleds, gear …  $180.00
2) Educational talk, indoor slideshow,  one dog truck with some of our Alaskans…  $320.00
3) Educational talk, indoor slideshow,  two  dog trucks with our Alaskans and Kelim Siberians… $450.00

For locations situated outside of 20 miles from our kennels, an additional fee will be applicable.

Best suited for children over the age of 7 years

Questions and photographs welcomed.

Suitable for:
History Groups
Events/Special Gatherings
Tourist Groups/Seasonal Events
Outdoor Enthusiasts
Leadership Groups/Team Building


Please contact Lidia Dale-Mesaros for more information at 603-340-2390 or

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