Attending Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair

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Camping with the doggies!

The Dogs and Mushers attended the Sled Dog Trade Fair in Contoocook NH.  It was an awesome weekend camping and everything was 'all' dogs. We ran the rig races, checked out great vendors, saw lots of dog mushing friends and many dogs. Saturday night we had a lovely pot luck dinner signed up for a few of the contests.  First was the Harness and Boot your dog contest.  There were 6 contestants, Kelly had Sirius and Kim had Dodge.  Kim came in second and Kelly third.  The contest after was the Fastest Eating Dog contest.  There were 10 dogs entered.  Kim had Snitch, Kelly has Sirius and Bobby had Hood.  Sirius came in first, Hood came in second and Snitch third!  We were proud of our chow hounds, lol!  The last contest of the night was the Costume contest.  Lidia entered Rosie and came in second out of 6 entries!

Sunday we all took turns with Lidia's big rig racing.  Kim & Kelly each drove a 6 dog team with Bobby as co-pilot.  Kelly & Lidia also drove in the 4 dog class.  It was such a fun, fun weekend and we can't wait to go back next year!  It was great to see so many new people getting into this great sport!

Kim, Lidia & Kelly at the potluck dinner

Kelly & Bobby running the grounds Sat night

Harness & Booting Contest, Kim with Dodge,
Kelly with Sirius

Lidia with Rosie in the Costume Contest


Snitch, 3rd place in eating contest!

Bobby waiting on he sidelines with Hood, he was 3rd!

Sirius ready to eat - the winner!


Kelly's 6 dog team Sunday.  Getting ready and in the start chute.


Kim & Bobby finishing the 6 dog class.


Kelly in the 4 dog class


Lidia with Kelly, heading to the start

Bobby with Lidia's leaders team

Bobby with Hana & Rosie

And she's off!   

Kim with Sirius in the weight pull

Dodge in the weight pull   

Kelly & Bobby, watching the weight pull in the rain Sunday


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