2012 Annual Waterville Valley Santa Run

As always, the minute we arrive in Waterville for our Annual Fund Raising Santa Event, winter arrives with a freezing cold blustery wind and snow!

We had a warm welcome from the town and an amazing crowd to welcome Santa, his Elves and Sled Dogz. The crowd stayed around the trucks and dogz for at least two hours, asking lots of fun questions and interacting with both teams of dogz. Another really fun event at Waterville Valley.

We were very proud of the Valley Snow Dogz, they did an awesome job and were so calm and well behaved, well done doggies and well done to everyone involved who helped make this fund raising event a huge success!

We look forward to next year.

(click for larger versions)

ATV decorated for Santa

Two teams getting ready

The Valley Snow Dogz elves!

Our favorite officer visits

Santa arrives and is ready!

Escorted to town!

Everyone excitedly waiting in Town Square!


The teams arrive!

Everyone gets to love and visit with the dogs!  What a great afternoon!

Created by Kelim Siberians Valley Snow Dogz LLC