2012 Franklin School Visit

A huge thank you to Franklin School for asking us over on December 12th to provide a sled dog education and experience. They especially requested Yahboo, our big black Yukon as her heritage from the Yukon fits that of Buck from 'Call of the Wild' a Jack London book that the kids just finished reading. We also want to thank Jeff and Beverly from Franklin Animal Animal Shelter for being there to accept donations from the kids and Valley Snow Dogz. 4 kids got to ride with us, a couple of other kids will be joining us this winter. The kids received a hands on experience of real sled dogs and some got to experience them as we made loops around their running track. At the same time as giving our talk and demo, the school, kids and Valley Snow Dogz made a wonderful donation of goodies to the shelter. We appreciated the reporters who were there too and to everyone who made this morning so incredibly special and memorable...not forgetting our amazing dogs who touch our lives every minute of the day.

(click for larger versions)

At the school!

Awesome shelter donations from the students!

Dogs ready to meet the students

Kelly & Kim (ends) and Jeff & Beverly (Franklin Animal Shelter)

Kim with Quest, her blind sleddog

The students meet the dogs!

Getting ready to take a few students for a quick ride!

They are off!  Everyone LOVED it!  It was awesome to share our passion for our dogs and this amazing sport with a younger generation.

Watered the dogs after the run, then we did a raffle where 2 students won free rides this winter!

Thank you Franklin School for having us, it was an honor to share our doggies with you!  Yahboo was the featured photo dog since she looks very much like 'Buck' in Jack London's Call Of The Wild.

Created by Kelim Siberians Valley Snow Dogz LLC